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The Best Value.

It's time to stop paying outrageous prices for diets plans that do not work!

This is a comprehensive program that gives you everything you need for success in nutrition and exercise.

On top of all this, you get automatic entry to win money for the best transformation when you sign up for the 12WG Challenge!

12 Weeks of Custom Nutrition


STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX - Weekly grocery lists, recommended meal combinations, and our custom systematic food programming is all included! You will learn what to buy, how and when to eat it for maximum results.

12 Weeks of Custom Workouts


Optional custom weekly workout programs are provided for both the gym or at home. That's right, no gym membership is necessary! 

Trainer Panel Guidance


Our professional, certified, licensed, and EXPERIENCED panel of master nutritionists, biomechanics specialists, and personal trainers will guide you from start to finish to ensure success with this program.

Community Support


You will be able to share all your daily wins on our community page. Share experiences and learn from others how to become the best version of yourself throughout your 12 Week Grind!

Transformation Challange Entry


You receive automatic entry to the Transformation Challenge if you sign up during the contest period. During this time half of all registration fees go into the winning pot! This is incentive to share this challenge with others to have a chance at life changing money!

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