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About 12WG



Creator/Director of Instruction


Coach A.J. Hickey brings 20+ years of experience in physical fitness and nutrition as a Master Trainer and Biomechanics Specialist including multiple certifications in sports supplementation, personal training, nutrition, and holistic medicine. Beginning while serving as a PT Leader in the United States Air Force he discovered his passion for helping others reach their fitness goals through nutrition and exercise. Throughout his career he has owned several very successful gyms including Anytime Fitness, PRO 27 Athletics, 9Round and his personal studio, The Dungeon. He is also the creator of the original HELL CAMP fitness event. Working with children as young as 6 years old up to collegiate and pro athletes he has also trained actors, professional MMA fighters, state pageant winners, and bikini competition champions.  A.J. himself competed in the GORUCK Selection (considered the toughest endurance event in the world) and finished 2nd. As a die-hard entrepreneur and health professional, he has partnered with Coach Scott to create the 12 Week Grind to continue helping others find the best versions of themselves.

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Creator/Director of Operations

Coach Scott brings a dynamic background of 20+ years in education, coaching, training, and leadership from private corporations and the public sector. He is driven by creating sustainable results through basic and efficient practices focusing on foundational elements. From the classroom, the field, and the boardroom, Scott has worked with thousands of people from all ages to achieve success in improving themselves in health and business. 

"I can attest to the effectiveness of this program going through it myself over 8 years ago and getting in the best shape of my life at that time. Through the 12 Week Grind I now COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND how foods affect me personally. This is the key to sustaining health and having the ability to build on it for life. AJ's programming is clear, simple, and effective."


The world is full of misleading, overpriced, unsustainable programs. This program is the complete opposite. It has a simple format utilizing whole foods that you can get at any grocery store. This program does not require crazy workouts, just consistency in being active. We believe everyone should have access to the information this program offers. The 12 Week Grind is LIFE CHANGING.


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